Why hand-built wheels?

There are many reasons to choose hand-built wheels. Consider this:

  • Sustainable: Hand-built wheels can be re-built and repaired with greater ease than wheel systems.
  • Soulful: From start to finish, your wheels are built with you and the demands of your ride in mind. We pick the best components for your application. Each wheel set is precision tuned. We document your build, and help you understand how to maintain your new purchase.

Do you do anything besides wheels?

Yes! We offer wheel system repair, wheel truing, tubular gluing, hub overhauls, sealed bearing replacement and upgrades, free hub body repair and replacement.

Can I learn how to do this?

Of course!  Take a class with our professional wheel builders!  For more information, clickhere.

What is your favorite wheel pun?

“Have a wheely great day!”

What if I don’t know anything about wheels before we get started?

No worries. We’re really excited and passionate to learn about you, your riding style, and aesthetic considerations. From there, we’ll get you the appropriate information to get the ideal wheel set for wherever your life’s adventures take you. Come to the drawing board with ideas – or only knowing that you want a round wheel!

Can I send you my old hubs to be put into new rims?

Sure can! Contact us at build@sugarwheelworks.com to begin a conversation about your new wheels.

What does Sugar do with old wheel parts?

We repurpose as many parts as possible and what doesn’t get a second life as a new light fixture or spoke jewelry gets taken to SCRAP or the recycle bin.

How much does a set of wheels cost?

We get this question a lot.  It’s difficult to answer because we customize every order.  In general, here’s what you can expect:

-Commuter wheels:  $300-$1000

-Touring wheels:  $300-$1100

-Road wheels:  $350+

-Mountain wheels:  $300+

Does Sugar offer a warranty?

We offer complimentary wheel truing for a year and spoke replacement for three years.